Friday, April 25, 2008

Blog Post from Center Networks

Allen Stern from Center Networks has a nice little update on UpNext this morning.

He gives a nice run down on some new features and also talks about our continued focus on compatibility and stability.

(Click here to read article)

Just to comment further, the entire team has been working very hard on making the site more usable.

- Compatibility: There are a lot of different combinations of video cards/operating systems/browser/java versions out there. And when you are doing 3D these various combinations can cause a maze of compatibility issues. But we are getting very close to being at the level we want. Very close.

- Speed: Raj works tirelessly on getting the load time of the site down. We hope you noticed that both first time load and return loads are significantly faster. On the newer computers the load times are similar to any other site. This is a continual process and we will continue to optimize until the site loads even before you type in the url.

- Features: We are always adding new features both big and small. Some help you navigate the site better, others help you interact with the community easily. But we hope all the features make for a better experience.

Again, we always love feedback from our users. So let us know what you think in the comments.

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