Monday, February 25, 2008

Notes w/ Favs and Places

You can now add a brief note when you mark a venue as visited ("I've Been Here"). You might be asking why add notes when we already have reviews? Here is how we think about it.

- Reviews are more formal and intended to be public. You are voicing your opinion and expecting it to be shared with other users.
- Notes are more personal and simple. You don't have to set the scene or establish a tone, you can just write a couple words that only you understand. Whether it is the dish you ate at a restaurant or the name of the bartender that got you a free round, however you want to use notes is up to you.

It is pretty easy as you can see below. The team spent a lot of time making the interface smooth and "Ipod" like. So try it out.

Click on "I've Been Here" to mark a venue as visited.

The business is now automatically stored in your profile and is visible.

Once you click "I've Been Here" the venue window will slide to this screen.

Add a note by clicking within the text box and type away.

Nothing to say? Just "Skip" it.

Here is an example of a note for a restaurant.

Some favorite dishes and drinks. Also a personal thumbs up.

We think there are a lot of uses for the notes. For that reason we are leaving it pretty open and flexible so that each person can customize it for themselves. Let us know how you are using notes in the comments.

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