Thursday, September 27, 2007

HotSpots = What's UpNext in the city

We are happy to announce a new feature we recently launched, HotSpots

HotSpots are glowing lights that indicate what's UpNext in the city. These lights show events, new openings, festivals, and much more. Now you can visually see what's happening in the city.

Event Legend (on the right):

Blue = Nightlife
Red = Food/Dining
Purple = shopping

We will be adding more categories soon.

Click on any HotSpot to get more information about that event. Or you can click on the "What's UpNext" button on the top right and see the HotSpots in a list.

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Basil Hero said...

How do I contact someone at UpNext? Is there a phone number or email address?

elainecullen said...

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