Monday, May 21, 2007

The First Post

Welcome to the UpNext blog. We set this up for our users, friends and others to stay up to date on UpNext.

So what is UpNext?

UpNext is a 3D virtual cityscape where users can explore and discover their city. UpNext empowers users to search visually, straight from their web browser, to find out what's down the block, in the neighborhood, or all the way across town. We bring the immersive and explorative qualities of virtual worlds to local search.

More informally, UpNext is a platform for you to explore and discover great restaurants, bars, shops, and events, through stylized renditions of each city. Looking for a bar in the East Village with happy hour specials? Just click our spotlight icon and they'll all glow blue. No clutter, no detailed rooftop imagery, only what counts: what and where. Once you try it we think you'll have a hard time going back to text-and-buttons keyword search.

UpNext is also about community. Write reviews, list your favorite places, and add events for your town. Create a personal network and share all your neighborhood favorites with friends. In return, we'll show you what the rest of the community thinks.

We are currently in a closed beta launch but will be opening up the site to more users soon. Stay tuned...

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skyliner said...

Any hints on the list of cities that will be covered? U.S. only, or Europe/Asia also?

UpNext said...

We're definitely planning on expanding to other cities. Europe and Asia are a real possibility as well. Thanks for asking!